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Sony Building (Formerly AT&T)

New York, New York

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The Metropolitan Condominium Tower
New York, New York

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Lancy Office Center

Geneva, Switzerland

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Cathedral of Hope Interfaith Peace Chapel

Dallas, Texas

Firm Profile


PJAR Architects formerly Philip Johnson > Alan Ritchie Architects is a New York Professional Corporation which was established in 1994. The firm also includes an in-house interior design and planning group.

The firm has been recognized as one of the most creative and innovative architectural firms for over half a century. Philip Johnson’s leadership in the modern movement, and later playing a seminal role in the introduction of post-modernism and de-constructivism, has helped to form new ideas and exciting directions in design and architecture around the world. Now, under the leadership of Alan Ritchie, who worked with Johnson for over twenty-five years, the firm continues to explore and present new and cutting edge designs. In 2004, when Philip Johnson retired, he expressed his confidence in passing on his legacy to Alan Ritchie.

Alan Ritchie, the managing partner and award winning designer has been responsible for the implementation of many of the office’s most important buildings spanning the globe. Mr. Ritchie and other senior members of the staff provide the knowledge necessary to assure the ultimate success of the project. A team led by a senior member of the firm is established at the outset of each project what carry it through from design to completion of construction. This participation and continuity results in the creation of completed projects of the highest quality and design excellence.

PJAR Architects philosophy is founded on the belief that understanding the client’s desires, needs and goals is an essential first step in generating designs that are functionally and aesthetically successful. Technical excellence, adherence to established schedules and budgets, and long-term performance are among its most important objectives.

The firm has won numerous awards and is well-known for many distinguished
buildings, such as: The AT&T Corporate Headquarters, The Metropolitan Apartment Tower, The Urban Glass House, Trump International Hotel, The Amon Carter Museum, The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, Ernst & Young Headquarters in Rotterdam, The Ware Center at Millersville University and The Sanctuary for Sufism in Walnut Creek.

The firm is also recognized for its international work with buildings in Rotterdam, Genova, Germany, Spain and China.

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