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Th Skyscraper Museum

The AT&T Building:

Philip Johnson and

The Postmodern Skyscraper

AT&T Exterior 2 copy 2.jpeg

Tue, Sep 26, 2023 at 6:00 PM


The original design and construction of the AT&T headquarters in both theory and practice.


Discussed by:

Alan Ritchie, who was the project manager for Al &I in the Johnson/Burgee office and later Johnson's partner


Scott Johnson (no relation), now of the California-based firm Johnson rain, who as a young architect in the office, worked on the Al & team and other skyscrapers.


This program is presented in connection with the Museum's current exhibition SKY MARKS |
LANDMARKS. The AT&T/Son Buildina. now renamed bv new owners for its address. 550
Madison, was designated a NYC Individual Landmark in 2018.

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